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78 Route #115  Ocean Shores  WA.

New Years Eve at the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino

The Boomer Band packed the "Great Hall" New Years Eve 2003 at the Quinault Beach Resort. Some 900+ guest's had a great time eating at the fabulous buffet and then dancing until after midnight to the fantastic 50's ROCK & ROLL music by the Boomer Band's feature " LEE GARRETT " who's audience captivating style just nock's-em-down!

Lee Garret in white, the Boomettes on the left and Tomcat on the right. Boomer Band packs the house!
The Boomettes are allways a hit. Lee Garrett's vocials are allways electrifying!
The Professor blow's a fantastic sax. Just one minuite untill midnight and the dance floor is packed.
The Professor on the left, the Boomettes on the right. The Boomettes working center stage.


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