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Eldo Caddy played in many bands through high school and college.  In college, he also served  as stage manager and  producer of shows that included, "The Allman Brothers Band","The Byrds", "Blood,Sweat & Tears","Mahavishnu Orchestra",Judy Collins, Luther Allison, Al Kooper, "Spirit","Seatrain", "Orleans","The Flying Burrito Brothers" and Phil Keagey's "Glass Harp".

Moving to Oregon in 1972,after college, he put down his sticks and worked as a booking agent and live sound engineer. As the club agent for Headwater Booking Agency and then owner of Suntrack Productions, he booked some of the best known musicians in the NW, including "Sand" (whose members later became "Quarterflash") "Brown Sugar" ( which included the late, great Paul Delay and blues guitar giant, Lloyd Jones),"Wesak", Jeff Lorber, Jon Koonce, "Slowtrain featuring Lee Garrett", "Lights Out" and Obo Addy's Krukrudu to name a few.

In 1984 with the derailment of "Slowtrain" he retired form the Portland music scene. Retirement was short lived, as he was called upon by the Carlton Chamber of Commerce President to help line up equipment and provide sound for the "one time" performance of "The Bouncing Baby Boomer Band featuring the Legendary Boomettes with Enrique & the Flaming Batons" The second gig featured present day Boomerband guitarist, Brian Hoyt and Enrique etc was dropped from the name. In 1993, Eldo picked his sticks back up to fill the drum throne.  Now, 28 years from the first "one time only gig", the original four Boomettes are the Legendary two , "Bouncing baby" was dropped with the addition of Lee Garrett, and the band plays on !


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